Shipmates - Browning 1 Brian Browning Professor Howard...

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Browning 1 Brian Browning Professor Howard English 1A 17 June 2010 “SHIPMATES” It’s the summer of 2003 and as an 18 year old male I have life by the horns. I survived high school and small town America; graduating class a whole 13 strong. Let me tell you friends completing these four years was no small task but now what I’ve nowhere to go, no money for school, no wish to stay stagnant in this small town as so many before me had done. A quick trip to the city one day I found myself off track and sitting in front of the Navy recruiter. He had all the answers, money for school, direction, and the way out of Coyle America. Before I knew what happened I was being yelled at and had a new name “RECRIUT”. A testament to the Navy’s recruiting tactics, “ship em’ out before they figure it out. I had no idea what I had got myself into. Where am I, who are all these people, and what have I am I doing here? These were among some of the things running through my mind as I stood at attention. Thinking back now everything should’ve been easy. After all you’re told everything you need to do right down to when to eat, use the bathroom, or even brush your teeth. However, having an angry RDC in your face relaying orders does make it a little difficult, at least for little while. Your first week at Recruit Training Command is called P-days. For me it was by far the hardest and most stressful week of Boot Camp. From wearing “Smurfs” (a set of blue Navy Sweats) till they smell and feel like an old
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Browning 2 pair of gym socks they had been hiding in the bottom of the clothes hamper. To the ungodly barrage of vaccinations all at once. I’ve never walked through such an ominous hallway to this day. On both sides Corpsman with syringes in hand and ready in wait to
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Shipmates - Browning 1 Brian Browning Professor Howard...

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