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IMC Studies - November 25, 2008 IMC #12 The negative...

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November 25, 2008 IMC #12 The negative publicity was very bad for McDonald’s because not only was the article written and published and distributed throughout Europe, but there were also protestors outside of McDonald’s locations. As a consumer this would deter me from going to a place of business, especially a restaurant, if there were protests occurring outside. There are many substitutes for an establishment like McDonalds I would definitely choose to patron another fast food restaurant. Also, the negative publicity was extremely harmful to McDonalds because the organization accusing McDonalds of destroying the rainforest had satellite images and video to prove the allegations. Furthermore, the organization knew that attacking McDonalds would definitely get the public’s attention. Actually, it was Cargill, McDonald’s supplier that was destroying the rainforest but since McDonald’s was one of their (many) customers the organization chose to focus on McDonalds because of the publicity. After the news broke McDonalds took the allegations very seriously and discontinued using soya, which was the root of the problem. Then they went even further by not only making a pledge but, also, using sustainable resources and using ingredients from nearby locations utilizing sustainable practices. Therefore, McDonalds response was very effective because they not only addressed the issue but took it a step further.
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NEGATIVE ARTICLE: Greenpeace Links McDonald's With Amazon Destruction LONDON, UK , April 6, 2006 (ENS) - Greenpeace today accused McDonald's of destroying the Amazon rainforest. Using satellite images, aerial surveillance, previously unreleased government documents, and on-the-ground monitoring, Greenpeace says it has traced soya grown on land that once was rainforest to an animal feed producer whose chickens are processed into Chicken McNuggets and other McDonald's products. To dramatize their claim, this morning dozens of seven foot tall chickens invaded McDonald's restaurants across the UK and chained themselves to chairs. Scores of McDonald's around the country, including Leicester Square, London, were also fly- posted overnight with images of Ronald McDonald wielding a chainsaw. In Munich, Germany, protestors also gathered at McDonald's European environmental affairs headquarters and called on the company to stop destroying the Amazon rainforest.
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IMC Studies - November 25, 2008 IMC #12 The negative...

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