IMC#13 - However, Apple created a need for me. I felt...

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November 25, 2008 IMC # 13 It is very true that the combined effects of advertising in various media lead to more effectiveness than just using one medium. As a consumer, it is accurate to say that when more than one medium is used I notice the product or brand more and usually am attracted to that particular product or brand more than any others. For example, the Ipod is an MP3 player and there are various MP3 players that play music the exact same way Ipods play, however, because Ipod is ingrained in my head I refuse to purchase any other MP3 player. Typically, I’m not into electronics but the product was everywhere, I saw Ipod advertisements on T.V., on the radio, in magazines, and I went to watch a movie, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with friends and one of the characters in the movie had an Ipod and referred to herself as special because she had an Ipod. I’m not that into music, and had no real need for an Ipod.
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Unformatted text preview: However, Apple created a need for me. I felt inadequate when I went to the gym and everyone had an Ipod, children had Ipods, and the colors were so bright and attractive, not to mention, the ads were so fun and really motivated my purchase. Therefore, I purchased one. My mother had told me that she didn’t know I was interested in an MP3 player because if she would have known, someone from her work was giving away her son’s old Sony MP3 player and she would have brought it home for me. I told her that I didn’t want a Sony MP3, I only wanted an Ipod. I still don’t understand why the Ipod is deemed as so superior to other MP3s since I’ve seen other ones and they’re just as user friendly and as indicated, play the same music and display videos and pictures. The billboard below is one example of the various mediums Apple utilized in creating their Ipod craze....
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IMC#13 - However, Apple created a need for me. I felt...

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