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IMC #7 October 7, 2008 Ad Source: InStyle Magazine January 2008 The advertisement is for Vaseline lotion and it contains rational appeal because the consumer has a functional need for the product, the ad emphasizes features and benefits, contains logic with the inclusion of a “clinically proven study”. The study compares Vaseline to Eucerin. To change the ad from rational to emotional I would re- write as: Arm-in-arm, united more people choose Vaseline because it is the best that skin hydration has to offer. Your skin has never looked so radiant and youthful as when you choose Vaseline. Your skin will thank you for it! The technique utilized in the ad is a combination of Straight Sell with the text indicating, “A stronger formula to lock in moisture and fight even the driest skin” and Comparison since it compares Vaseline to Eucerin, and Science/Technical Evidence because the clinically proven study indicates the lotion provides “80% more moisture than Eucerin”. The technique is very appropriate because the lotion is a utilitarian product and there is
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