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IMC #6 October 7, 2008 Advertisement Source: InStyle Magazine January 2008 The ad is an example of a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) selling idea. The USP for the ad is, “Food Works Faster”. The USP is very clear because the text throughout the ad explains why and how “Food Works Faster” as it emerges as the strongest thing said about the product and it is the most memorable. The benefit of the product is that the skincare line is made with all natural ingredients that your skin is “hungry for”. The unique claim is that your skin easily “recognizes” and uses the product quickly resulting in fabulous, radiant skin, which is why, “Food Works Faster”. The potent promise is very strong, and I do believe it may cause people to “move on” the
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Unformatted text preview: product since the green and all-natural movement is really in full force right now, however, they made need to add more to the tagline to really showcase the natural aspects of the product. The communication objectives are to make the consumer aware that BeFine is a skincare line made from natural food ingredients and the tagline, “Food Works Faster” is what they are using as their USP, informing consumers that their line with natural ingredients is the most effective and fastest method for skincare. To understand the ad’s effectiveness, I would have to say communication would need to be measured, as well as, sales. Meaning maybe surveys can be conducted and BeFine can measure the increase in sales since the ad publications....
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