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MKT 411 9/23/2008 IMC # 5 Advertisement Source: US Magazine, Issue 676 January 28, 2008 This advertisement is for the movie, Blonde Ambition, on DVD. The advertisement is meant to garner immediate increase in sales because it includes a coupon for $3.00 off the purchase of the movie. The advertisement indicates the DVD is available January 22 nd , which I thought was comical, because the DVD was already available and had been available for five days when the advertisement came out. Advertisement Source: US Magazine, Issue 676 January 28, 2008 This advertisement is for Ole of Olay and it provides a good source of communication objectives for the consumer both literally and figuratively. First of all, the advertising is promoting brand awareness by encouraging consumers to go online, “Go to It’s where to find out how to love the skin you’re in.” This promotes the website that will increase brand awareness and also provide knowledge and
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Unformatted text preview: interest to the consumer. Once on the website, the brand personalizes skincare for the consumer and provides suggestions for your skin and skin type based on what you hope to achieve, i.e. “I want to see visible improvement in my skin”, “Weight/Health Changes”, “Hormonal Changes”, etc. The site also asks the consumer to answer a series of questions such as age, skin sensitivity, skin tone, etc. My attitude pleasantly changed for Ole of Olay after visiting the website because the image portrayed serenity and focused on customization for my skincare. This definitely increases purchase intention for the consumer because the site is interactive and the consumer feels as though the company really cares about getting to the root of what the individual is hoping to achieve....
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