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IMC3 - very upbeat This channel was selected by the...

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IMC # 3 Ad Source: MTV, the Hills September 15, 2008 10:00pm 9/16/2008 While watching the Hills on MTV I came across an advertisement for cotton and the source was actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt. The source is appropriate for the target audience since Jennifer Love Hewitt is a well-known young actress. There may be other actresses who are more current to the industry that may have more of an impact, however, Jennifer Love Hewitt is a good source. The message is encoded by showcasing the source, Jennifer Love Hewitt, in different poses, with a variety of clothes, conveying different attitudes. For example, the first scenario shows the source unable to find anything that fits well and fits comfortably, once she puts on cotton clothing she becomes radiant, confident, silly, tough, etc. in each different pose and different outfit. The channel selected by the advertiser is visual and, also, audible as the colors are bold and bright and the source is exaggerated in her different poses and attitudes, also, the music is
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Unformatted text preview: very upbeat. This channel was selected by the advertiser because it is very clear and effective in its message. The visual explicitly shows the source uncomfortable in her skin until she puts soft cotton clothes on and the visual also provides a variety of visuals in which the receiver is able to see that it does not matter what one’s personal style may be because it is still possible to achieve any “look” comfortably by wearing cotton. I believe the hierarchy of needs being met by this ad are the social needs, the sense of belonging because the ad focuses on different looks, such as, the rocker look, the ultra feminine look, etc. It portrays to the consumer that you can still be a part of your “group” and have your look while achieving comfort in cotton. I believe the objective of the ad is to get young people to wear cotton, especially, since in this day and age most clothing labels are made from blends of synthetic materials and not cotton at all....
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