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IMC Exercise #1 Advertisement: September 2007 Issue of InStyle Magazine As InStyle magazine is published as a typically women’s fashion magazine catered to women interested in fashion and trends it was no surprise to have found the attached advertisement. The target audience is women in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s who keep up to date on the latest trends and fashions and whose purchases undoubtedly reflect what trends and styles they see in these types of magazines. These women tend to have somewhat of a disposable income since they do, obviously, spend money to purchase the magazine. The magazine realizes that although they may feature the latest pair of high cost Jimmy Choo stiletto heels it must, also, feature mid and low cost alternatives in order to appeal to a broader (and more realistic) audience. The advertiser, Target Corporation, features a low cost price positioning strategy. It also focuses on product class as it is emphasizes the designer, Dominique Cohen, and
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