Group 1 - MacDintons Final Project

Group 1 - MacDintons Final Project - IMC Plan: Sections 1...

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Unformatted text preview: IMC Plan: Sections 1 and 2 For Professor Ponzillo November 16, 2008 Adam Blattner Crystal Collao-Chavez Melissa Kristowski Stephanie Walden Jasmin Wever Grade: 50 of 50 I have a hard time with projects giving full points, but you guys have nailed this perfectly. I dont have anything that I could say for constructive criticism Everything looks great & I am very pleased to see that you have been able to master a full IMC plan. If you did not already plan to provide this to MacDintons already, I would suggest you give it to them as suggestions. Might get you drinks on the house or a standing tab if anything! BACKGROUND The background section outlines the purpose of the Integrated Marketing Communications project in addition to a description of the client as well as the clients mission and vision. Each team member involved with the IMC project has also provided brief biographies in this section. Purpose The purpose of the project is to create an Integrated Marketing Communication plan for MacDintons Irish Pub and Restaurant that will use persuasive brand communication programs to attract new customers, gain loyalty, and ultimately build long-term brand value. The Client MacDintons Irish Pub and Restaurant opened in May of 2002, and offers quality service in a friendly, vibrant environment. The restaurant provides a variety of items on its menu ranging from sandwiches and salads, to traditional Irish favorites such as Shepherds Pie. The pub also features a wide variety of alcoholic beverages and different daily drink specials. MacDintons features live local bands, karaoke, sporting events, and the restaurant hosts numerous events with other organizations in the community. MacDintons does not appear to have a clear mission or vision statement for the company. Our team will suggest that the restaurant develop a mission and vision statement for future growth. The following is what our team feels is an appropriate mission and vision statement for MacDintons. The mission of MacDintons Irish Pub and Restaurant is to create long-term value for customers by creating an enjoyable experience through quality service and an exciting environment. The vision of MacDintons Irish Pub and Restaurant is to become a superior establishment for food, beverages, and entertainment among customers in the Tampa Bay area. The Team Each member of the IMC project has a broad base of knowledge in all aspects of business and special expertise in Marketing. (See Appendix A for team member resumes). Adam Blattner Adam is originally from Naperville, Illinois and he is a senior at the University of Tampa. Adam is majoring in Marketing with a minor in Advertising. He is involved in numerous activities on campus such as the Sigma Chi fraternity, the Senior class committee, and Student Government. Adam will graduate from UT in the spring of 2009. Crystal Collao-Chavez...
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Group 1 - MacDintons Final Project - IMC Plan: Sections 1...

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