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HW 6-Multiple Reg1 Due Wed July 14 th . 1. The ABX Company is interested in conducting a study of the factors that affect absenteeism among its production employees. After reviewing the literature on absenteeism and interviewing several production supervisors and a number of employees, the researcher in charge of the project defined the following variables Variable Description Absenteeism The number of distinct occasions that the worker was absent during 2003. Each occasion consists of one or more consecutive days of absence. Job Complexity An index ranging from 0 to 100, a higher value indicates more job complexity Base Pay Base hourly pay rate in dollars Seniority Number of complete years with the company on December 31, 2003 Age Employee’s age on December 31, 2003 Dependents Determined by employee response to the question: “How many individuals other than yourself depend on you for most of their financial support?” We consider a multiple regression model for predicting absenteeism based on job complexity, base pay, seniority, age and dependents. Multivariate Correlations Absenteeism Job Complexity Base Pay Seniority Age Dependents Absenteeism 1.0000 -0.3617 -0.2254 -0.3356 -0.3100 -0.0510 Job Complexity -0.3617 1.0000 0.5020 0.3735 0.2768 -0.0792 Base Pay -0.2254 0.5020 1.0000 0.4940 0.3259 0.0590 Seniority -0.3356 0.3735 0.4940 1.0000 0.7530 0.1518 Age -0.3100 0.2768 0.3259 0.7530 1.0000 0.1478 Dependents -0.0510 -0.0792 0.0590 0.1518 0.1478 1.0000
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