Questions set_2 - Yes, I have many cousins and many...

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DOMANDE (Set #2) RISPOSTE -Che tempo fa oggi? -Fa bello ( it is good weather) How is the weather? - Fa brutto ( it is bad weather) - Fa freddo, fa caldo( it is cold , it is warm) -Stai a casa oggi? No, esco e vado in centro. Are you staying home today? I am going out and I am going downtown - Come vai a casa Vado a piedi, vado in autobus, vado in ( How do you get home?) macchina ( I walk, I go by bus, by car) - Vai a ballare il sabato? Si`, vado sempre in discoteca ( Do you go dancing Saturday?) (yes , I always go to the disco) -Com’e` la tua famiglia? E` numerosa (piccola etc.) What does your family look like? It is large, it is small etc. - Quante materie studi questo semestre? Studio tre materie ( How many subjects do you study this semester? I study three subjects - Quante lingue parli? Parlo tre lingue How many languages do you speak? I speak three languages - Hai molti parenti in Italia? Sì , ho molti cugini e molti zii ( Do you have many relatives in Italy?
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Unformatted text preview: Yes, I have many cousins and many uncles-Dove abitano i tuoi genitori? Abitano a Roma Where are your parents living? They live in Rome Fai molte domande in classe? S, faccio molte domande Do you ask many questions in class? Yes, I ask many questions Dove lavori? Lavoro in un ufficio ( in un supermercato ecc.) Where do you work? I work in an office ( in a supermarket etc.) Dimentichi sempre le chiavi a casa? No, non dimentico mai le chiavi a casa Do you always forget your keys at home? No, I never forget my keys at home Giochi a calcio ( a tennis, al golf, pallacanestro)? S, gioco a calcio Do you play soccer (tennis, golf, basketball)? Yes,I play soccer Gli studenti parlano molto in classe? No, parlano poco Do the students speak a lot in class? No, they speak a little Come passi il tempo? Vado a nuotare in piscina How do you spend your time? I go swimming in the pool...
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Questions set_2 - Yes, I have many cousins and many...

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