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oral_1 - blanks with the appropriate words from a list Your...

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ORALE #1 A. You must review 1- VOCABULARY → Prego: Chapter 1, page 36 Chapter 2, page 54 Chapter 3, page 74 2- Question sets posted on Webct Questions set #1 and #2 B. The Oral Quiz will consist of the following 1. A set of oral questions that your instructor will ask – you must answer the questions in writing. For example, your instructor will ask “Come stai?” – you will answer in writing “ Bene , grazie e Lei?” 2. A passage with many blanks will be given to you. You should fill in the
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Unformatted text preview: blanks with the appropriate words from a list. Your knowledge of the vocabulary of Chapter 1,2 3 is essential for this exercise. 3. Comprehension: A passage will be given to you. You must read it , understand the generic meaning and choose the right answer among the list of three answers. 4. You should match elements in a given picture with some descriptions read by your professor. 5. Some words will be given in English and you should know the equivalent Italian word (and vice versa)....
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