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Essay Example and Guidelines General mood—stately, festive Created by: Tempo—Maestoso, moderate Metre—3/4 Key—D major. Major for brightness Below are detailed observations about the development of the piece. This list is quite exhaustive and more than is required from a student in an examination setting; try to make four or five distinct observations in each of the categories given. Melody 1) Range Starts in the high and climbs to the highest point of the piece in bars 1- 4. 2) Motion and contour The melody moves by step with the exception of leaps to between phrases and at bars 7 and 14-15 3) Motivic structure The opening motif (bars 1-4) has a series of four repeated dominants, two steps up and six repeated tonics. Reiteration is a notable feature of this motif, and the emphasis on tonic and dominant establishes their identity very positively and securely. 4) Non-harmonic tones In bars 1-4, there is just one passing tone in the middle of bar 2 which makes a smooth path from V to I 5) In bars 4-8 there is a downward passing tone at a parallel place in the bar 6) In bars 9-12 the passing tone is now on the second 8 th of the bar, with a double app. On the third beat of the bar in bars 9 and 11. This section contains the lowest note in the bass. 7)
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Coro essay guide - FPA 104 Mock Final Exam B Essay Example...

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