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coro answer key - I I6 V V7(or I6/4 V I I6 V V7(or I6/4 V...

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from Water Music G. F. Handel 2 3 4 mf P.T.  I V6 V vi I6 I 5 6 7 8 mp  IV vi7 vii° I I6 vi Imperfect Cadence V V6 V 9 10 11 12 mf P.T. P.T. Acc. P.T. P.T. P.T. Acc. P.T. mp P.T. P.T. Acc. P.T. Acc. P.T.
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Unformatted text preview: I I6 V V7 (or I6/4 -- V) I I6 V V7 (or I6/4 -- V) 13 14 15 16 mf P.T. P.T. Acc. N.T. Éch. f I V7 I I6 V Perfect Cadence I...
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