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rhetorical analysis worksheet

rhetorical analysis worksheet - .Caution:,sowritersmaybe...

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Analysis of a text with visuals using Functions of Language from Roman Jakobson's Speech Event Theory This pages lists possibilities for relevant issues in analyzing a piece of writing. Caution: Even very short sections of writing may serve more than one function at a time, so writers may be explaining code at the same time they are giving information, for example. Susan N. Smith, [email protected] , ©2008 C ONTEXT AND I NFORMATION What is the real world situation/context that informs this document? What knowledge is needed to understand the document? What information is contained in the document? Do the visuals and text match? Do they complement each other? How is the document organized? How are the visuals and the text organized in relation to each other? process, narration, comparison/contrast, division/classification, cause/effect, definition, description How are claims supported? Is the evidence, both text and visuals, relevant, appropriate, or believable in this particular case?
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