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English 15 Travers Essay 1 – Define an Argument regarding Academic Integrity Due : 2/12/08 Format: MLA with in-text citations and Works Cited Length: 2-3 pages typed, double-spaced pages using 12-point Times Roman font and 1-inch margins You may already have an opinion on cheating in school, on what kind of cheating seems acceptable, and/ or reasons to justify certain types of cheating. You will read several articles about the topic of academic integrity and write an argument essay. Numerous articles are available in Chapter 15 of the Rottenberg textbook and on ANGEL in the Essay 1 section. You are not required to find additional sources, but you may use additional reliable sources. Your thesis should not be a simple statement of fact, for example, “Many students today cheat” or “Many cheaters don’t get caught.” Likewise, your thesis should not be a statement of opinion or preference, for example, “Cheating is wrong” or “Cheating doesn’t hurt anyone.” Instead, your thesis is a debatable claim you will prove
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Academic_Integrity_Argument_Assignment - English 15 Travers...

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