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English 15 Travers Essay 5 – Cigarette/Alcohol Marketing Analysis and Argument Final Draft Due: Tuesday 5/5 10:40 A.M. Format: MLA with in-text citations and Works Cited Length: 3-4 pages typed, double-spaced pages using 12-point Times Roman font and 1-inch margins Advertisements are always persuasive, in that they have specific designs on their audience. The most common of these designs, of course, is that the company wants you to buy their product or service. To this end, companies use rhetorical devices - ethos, logos, and pathos. First, advertisements carefully construct an image or persona for a company; they want the audience to think the company is trustworthy and reliable. Secondly, advertisements appeal to the audience's sense of logic, using good reason to support the claim that you should buy their product. Finally, and most importantly, advertisements use pathos to connect to the audience's beliefs or values. For tobacco and alcohol companies, advertising presents special concerns because 1) consuming the products is unhealthy and 2) sales and consumption are legally limited to adults, though
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Essay_persuasion_in_Advertising - English 15 Travers Essay...

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