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Analyzing audience - hold? If, for example, your audience...

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Master 11 Copyright © 2006 by Bedford/St. Martin’s. QUESTIONS FOR ANALYZING AUDIENCE What does your audience know or not know about your topic? If you are proposing a community garden project to an audience of city residents who know little about gardening, you would need to describe the pleas- ures and benefits of gardening to capture their interest. • What is the education, background, and experience of your audience? If you are writing your garden-project proposal for an audience of low- income residents, you might emphasize how much money they could save by growing vegetables, but if you are proposing the project to middle-income residents, you might stress instead how relaxing garden- ing can be and how a garden can beautify a neighborhood. What attitudes, beliefs, opinions, or biases is your audience likely to
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Unformatted text preview: hold? If, for example, your audience believes that most development is harmful to the environment, and you are writing an essay urging your audience to agree to a new community garden, consider emphasizing how the garden will benefit the environment and decrease development. What tone do your readers expect you to take? Suppose you are writing to your local city council urging council members to sanction the com-munity garden. Although the council has been stalling on the issue and is environmentally insensitive, your tone should be serious, respectful, and nonaccusatory. As respected community leaders, the council mem-bers expect to be treated with deference. 62791_M1-M61 1/3/06 3:39 PM Page 11...
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