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Compare and Contrast english

Compare and Contrast english - Tasha Forsberg Academic...

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Tasha Forsberg Academic Writing 1 Home and School When someone enters the college life, they become extremely excited and ready to take on any obstacle they may be given. But after a while school becomes a home away from home. Yet, when breaks are coming up home can’t come soon enough. The three main things to be thought about between school and home are friends, family, and culture. Home and school are two completely different things, but they are similar at the same time. Friends are a crucial part in everyones life. Both at school and back home friends are extremely important. When something happens, either good or bad, the first thought that comes to mind is telling a friend. Friends back home have known you longer, and may know more in depth information about you. Friends at school may not know as much about you, but they do know a lot for the short time they’ve had. A major difference between friends at school and friends back home is friends back home understand you better. If you make a mistake, friends are most likely going to forgive
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