Faulty Subordination

Faulty Subordination - EXERCISE S6-3 Faulty subordination...

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from Exercises to Accompany A Writer’s Reference (5th edition) by Diana Hacker (Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2003) EXERCISE S6-3 Faulty subordination Before working this exercise, read section S6-d in A Writer’s Reference, Fifth Edition. In each of the following sentences, the idea that the writer wished to emphasize is buried in a subordinate construction. Restructure each sentence so that the independent clause expresses the major idea and lesser ideas are subordinated. Revisions of lettered sentences appear in the back of the booklet. Example: Catherine has weathered many hardships, although she has rarely become discouraged. [ Em- phasize that Catherine has rarely become discouraged. ] a. Gina worked as an aide for the relief agency, distributing food and medical supplies. [ Empha- size distributing food and medical supplies. ] b. For the past three years, Ms. Brooks has been an attorney at Pepco, where she has done an excellent job. [ Emphasize that Ms. Brooks has done an excellent job.
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