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PSYC 1101-I 02/18/2010 Memory – 2- Outline I. Retrieval: Bringing Memories to Mind a. What helps retrieval? i. Retrieval Cues ii. Encoding specificity principle 1. Context-dependent memory 2. State-dependent memory - mood congruency II. Memory Failures a. Encoding Failure i. Role of attention 1. Absentmindedness ii. Role of STM limits: Serial position effect 1. Primacy effect 2. Recency effect b. Transience (Forgetting) i. How quickly do we forget? 1. Ebbinghaus’s curve of forgetting
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Why do we forget? 1. Decay theory 2. Interference a. Retroactive interference b. Proactive interference iii.What do we typically remember? (war of the ghosts example) c.Memory Distortions (How accurate is Retrieval?) i.Constructive memory (Suggestibility) d.Blocking i.Tip-of-the-tongue experience e.Prospective memory failures f.Persistence (Intrusive memories) i.Flash-bulb memories...
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