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PSYC1101-I 04/13/2010 Psychological Disorders Part-2 Outline IV. Types of Disorders - Continued 3. Schizophrenia A. Sever disturbances in the psychological processes of: a. Thought i. Delusions false beliefs that are clearly not real, about one’s identity, power , knowledge, or abilities - delusions of persecution: belief that one is being attacked, harasses, cheated, spied on (such as the CIA demons, or the green men) Secret service agents are after me - delusions of grandeur “I am Napoleon” b. Language i. Word salad: Ideas shift between unrelated topics due to difficulty in organizing thought and focusing attention “Tramway flogging into my question are you why is it thirty letters down under peanut butter, what is it” ii. Word associations based on rhymes “Never ever will you find the lever, the eternal lever that will sever me forever with my real, seal ,deal heel” c. Perception i. Hallucinations: False perceptual experiences that occur in the absence of real external input. Seeing , hearing , feeling , touching smelling or tasting things that aren’t there - visual: Sees: People following him/her intending harm - auditory: hears :”Prepare your home for visitors from outer space” - other d. Emotion i. Blunted or flat affect: Manifesting LESS or NO emotions like sadness, joy, anger etc ii. Inappropriate emotional responses “laughing when seeing a child on TV burning in a tragic fire” “crying while watching TV comedies” e. Behavior i. Catatonic behavior: Remaing motionless or random motor activity ii. Inappropriate behavior: Behaving inappropriate ways (e.g. displaying certain sexual parts.activities in public) iii. Social withdrawal: Withdrawing from social interactions iv. Lack of grooming: Neglects personal grooming
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PSYC1101-I 04/13/2010
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PsychologicalDisorders_2_Outline - PSYC1101-I Psychological...

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