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PSYC 1101-I 16-18/2010 Development Outline (Parts 1 & 2) - Fertilization occurs within 24 hours - Zygote begins to devide within 36 hours - In 72 hours - Attaches itself to uterian cell walls I. Prenatal Development 1. Germinal Stage (first 2 weeks after conception) - Conception - Formation of zygote and cell division A. Zygote is created B. - Migration of zygote down the fallopian tube - Implantation to uterus wall A. Attached to uterus - Placenta forms 2. Embryonic Stage (2-8 weeks) - Developments during this stage A. Organs begin to form - Vulnerability to teratogens (effects of drugs, alcohol, smoking, and malnutrition) A. Most vulnerable period to outside agents “teratogens” 3. Fetal stage (3 months – birth) - Developments during this stage A. Rapid brain development B. Skeletal structures harden C. Organs begin to function (3-4 month) D. Moderately vulnerable to teratogens E. Fetus can hear outside sounds F. When born can recognize mother’s voice 4. “Teratogens” affecting the offspring in the embryionic or retal stages, have long lasting effects - heroin, cocain born addicted, birth defects (e.g. respiratory difficulties, cognitive deficits) - alcohol “fetal alcohol syndrome”: mental retardation, hyperactivity, heart defects, vulnerability to depression and antisocial behavior - smoke lower birth weight, attentional deficits - malnutrition vulnerability to psychiatric disorders, low birth rate 1. Vision a. Limited range of vision in newborns b. Attentive to new stimuli c. Habituate to same stimuli d. Mimic facial expressions
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Development_1_2_Outline - PSYC 1101-I 16-18/2010...

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