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Evolution_of_Psychology_Outline - Functionalism James Hall...

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PSYC 1101 Evolution of Psychology Outline with Prominent Figures and Key Concepts Philosophical Roots Plato vs Aristotle – the Nature vs Nurture debate Descartes – the problem of Dualism Physiological Roots Gall – Phrenology (brain map) Broca Helmholtz – Reaction Time studies The Early Battle of Schools in Psychology Structuralism Wundt Raw conscious experiences vs Interpretations Introspection (looking within) Titchner
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Unformatted text preview: Functionalism James Hall Gestalt Psychology Psychodynamic Perspective Freud Unconscious mind Psychoanalytic therapy Humanism Rogers & Maslow Self-actualization Behaviorism: S-R Psychology Watson Skinner Principle of Reinforcement Psychology Expands Cognitive Psychology Cognitive Neuroscience Social and Cultural Perspectives PSYC 1101 Psychology Today...
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Evolution_of_Psychology_Outline - Functionalism James Hall...

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