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PSYC1101-I 04/13/2010 Handout – 1 for Psychological Disorders Diagnose the following cases: 1. Tony sometimes seems very “wound up.” At those times he seems full of energy, talks very rapidly, and makes very grandiose plans. (One time he gave away all of his belongings and was planning to move to Ottawa, Ontario so he could advise the Prime Minister.) At these times he also seems to need almost no sleep. During other periods of time Tony seems very “down.” During these times he doesn’t take care of himself. He seems to want to sleep all the time, and he often makes thinly veiled references to wanting to commit suicide. Specific diagnosis ___________________ General class of disorder ___________________ 2. Judith has not left her house for several months. When she tries to go out, she experiences great anxiety. She says she is afraid that if she leaves her house to go somewhere, she will not be able to get back. Before all this started Judith seemed fairly normal except for having several episodes where, for no apparent reason, her heart started pounding, she started to sweat profusely, and she experienced all the symptoms of fear and terror. One of
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Psychological_Disorders_ExerciseHandout1-1 - PSYC1101-I...

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