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Evolution_of_Psychology_Outline - PSYC 1101 Evolution of...

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PSYC 1101 Evolution of Psychology Outline with Prominent Figures and Key Concepts Philosophical Roots Plato vs Aristotle – the Nature vs Nurture debate What is “mind” How is mind related to our brain & body? Plato-nativism- certain knds of knowledge are innate or(S ) inborn. Aristotle-philosophical empiricism: the philosophical view that all knowledge is acquired through experience. Descartes – the problem of Dualism -Brain is material, mind is spiritual -Mind & Body interact through the pineal gland (an endocrine gland) Physiological Roots Gall(French Physician) – Phrenology (brain map) -Brain size & location matters -Phrenology (Brain map): Specific mental abilities & personalities , ranging from memory to the capacity for happiness, are localized in specific regions of the brain. Broca(Surgeon S ) -Damage to the brain can result in impairments of mental states & behavior -Case study: Damage to a small part of the left hemisphere resulted in impaired speech Physiology-the study of biological processes, especially in the human body. Helmholtz – Reaction Time studies -Stimulus (Sensory input) -Response -Reaction Time (RT): Time it takes for the organism to respond to the stimulus -RT studies provides Average “Simple” reaction time to detect sensory stimulus Visual RT = 215 milliseconds Auditory RT = 160 milliseconds RT tells us about the duration of various mental operations Recognition RT > Simple RT Making a choice RT > Recognition RT Reaction time & the stroop test The Early Battle of Schools in Psychology Birth of Psychology Structuralism(the analysis of the basic elements that constitute the mind) Wundt(Founder of psychology as a scientific discipline) -Student of Helmholtz -Adopted the scientific approach of experimenting
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PSYC 1101 Ex. What do you see on this slide Raw conscious experiences vs Interpretations Raw experiments: black straight & curved marks on a light blackboard Interpretation: I see words, sentences Introspection (looking within):the subjective observation of one’s own experience Structuralism & Wundt Aim: Modeling the elements of the “mind”
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Evolution_of_Psychology_Outline - PSYC 1101 Evolution of...

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