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PSYC 1101-I 03/04/2010 Intelligence Part 2 Outline I. Intelligence due to Nature or Nurture (Heredity or Environment)? Galton and the family-tree studies (19 th century) -suggested intelligence was inherited and could not change -flawed research 1. Family and Twin studies Family and twin studies (20 th century) a. Identical and fraternal twins (raised together or apart) b. Siblings (raised together or apart) c. Adoption studies -biological parent-child that lived together -biological parent-child that lived separately -adoptive parent-child that lived together - rate their IQ similarity. Which couple is most similar which is least? 2. Effects of Enriched and Deprived Environments - Cumulative deprivation theory: IQ of children in deprived environments (e.g. orphanages) derives as they grow up -why decline? Children in enriched env. are progressing ,pre rapidly Deviation IQ determined based on comparison of individual score to the whole group - The Flynn Effect: performance on IQ tests steadily increases over generations( an
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Intelligence_2_Outline-3 - PSYC 1101-I 03/04/2010...

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