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02/25/2010 Learning – Part 2- Outline I. Classical Conditioning Is it enough to pair a NS with UCS several times to form a CS Rescorla’s experiment with rats: Group A: 20 trials: tone(NS) and then shock (UCS) (Paired NS with UCS for 100% of trials) Group B: 20 trials: tone (NS) and then shock (ucs) Another 20 trials: only shock (Paired 50% of trials) Important: paired and non-paired trials are interleaved randomly Both groups received equal # of CS-UCS pairing Result: A performs stronger than B Role of Expectancy: It is not how often the NS and UCS paired, but how well the NS predicts the appearance of the UCS Question: why didn’t Pavlov’s dog get conditioned to the presence of Pavlov? His presence and food were not paired most of the time. No expectation. II. Operant Conditioning Why would you want to help your father out cleaning the garage? Operant Conditioning: learning based on the consequences of behavior. What behavior is observed? Voluntary responses emitted by the organism. What is learned? Association between behavior and outcome. The instrumental behavior that can achieve a desired outcome. a. E.L. Thorndike The law of effect: if the consequence of behavior is good you tend to do that more often in the future …if bad. .Do it less often. b. B.F. Skinner Skinner box Animal’s behavior is recorded Correct behavior is rewarded with food Operant (instrumental) behavior -organism’s specific behavior results in a consequence (environment’s response): Reinforcement Punishment -observe contingency between behavior and consequence Law of Effect: The next time, organism determines nature of consequence Reinforcement strengths behavior Punishment: weakens behavior. i.
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Learning_2_Outline-1 - PSYC1101-I Learning Part 2 Outline...

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