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PSYC1101-I 02/25/2010 Learning Exercise Handout – 2 I. Identify the schedule of intermittent reinforcement: 1. Frequent flyer program: getting a free flight after accumulating x number of flight miles. Fixed ratio 2. Number of throws to get the basketball in the hoop Variable ratio 3. Getting a paycheck at the end of the week Fixed interval 4. Surprise quizzes Variable interval 5. Picking up the paper in the morning after it has been delivered at the same time every day Fixed interval 6. Mailman must visit the same number of mail boxes each day in order to go home Fixed ratio 7. e-mail-checking behavior Variable interval 8. Speed traps on highway Variable interval
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PSYC1101-I 02/25/2010 II. Classical or Operant Conditioning? 1. Your car has a red, flashing light that blinks annoyingly if you start the car without buckling the seat belt. You become less likely to start the car without buckling the seat
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Unformatted text preview: belt. Operant conditioning (punishment) The flashing light is punishment The neglect behavior (not buckling belt) decreases Then Then operant conditioning (negative reinforcement- avoidance) The behavior of buckling seat belts increases 2. A professor has a policy of exempting students from the final exam if they maintain perfect attendance during the quarter. His students attendance increases dramatically. Operant conditioning Exempting from exam is negative reinforcement 3. Every time someone flushes a toilet in the apartment building, the shower becomes very hot and causes the person to jump back. Over time, the person begins to fear the sound of flush, and jumps back before the water temperature changes. Classical conditioning UCS: Hot water UCR: jumping back (= fear) CS: toilet flush(elicits conditioned fear)...
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LearningExerciseHandout2 - belt. Operant conditioning...

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