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Quiz 6 Summer 2010 - 2 C 78.5 m/s 2 D 196 m/s 2 2 A person...

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Quiz #6 (Friction; Work-KE theorem). PHY 251 Name_____________ 1. A flat bed truck is carrying a 20 kg crate along a level road. The coefficient of static friction between the crate and the bed is 0.40. What is the maximum acceleration that the truck can have if the crate is to stay in place? A. 3.92 m/s 2 B. 8.0 m/s
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Unformatted text preview: 2 C. 78.5 m/s 2 D. 196 m/s 2 2. A person with a mass of 72 kg slides down as shown below. Draw free body diagram of the person and determine work done by the person’s weight, work done by the normal reaction force from the slide, and work done by friction. Let Ө =60 , d = 5 meters, μ k =0.1...
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