As1_102 - Simon Fraser University Faculty of Business Administration BUS 237 Assignment#1 MS Word Excel Selection of a Computer System Due Check

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Simon Fraser University Faculty of Business Administration 1 / 4 Due: Check WebCT for the due date for your section! Where to Submit: Online, using WebCT. Attach your completed assignment and the grading key with your Name and Student Number typed in. The grading key is is titled “ As1_Key.Doc ” and included in the assignment package. Note: For this assignment and all other online assignments, please use the following fonts only: Arial, Times New Roman, and Tahoma. This requirement is very important since it avoids display inconsistencies leading to unnecessary grading penalties. Purpose: After completing this assignment, you will understand microcomputer systems well enough to differentiate between the features you need and those that are superfluous. You will also learn to organize detailed information into a clear and useful report, in a format that is appropriate for the business world. Key concepts: The nature of a technology system (and not just the physical machine); identification of software and hardware requirements; evaluation of alternative systems and tradeoffs for purchasing one; report writing skills. General Background: Information systems are complex and change rapidly. Many small businesses and individuals think that a computer system could improve their efficiency and effectiveness. However, designing a computer system is not a simple task. Often, there is no easy way to "test drive" alternative systems in a typical business setting. For this reason, a careful analysis is necessary before a system can be purchased. This assignment requires research on two microcomputer systems. Scenario: You are a typical fulltime business student in the market for a personal computer to help with your studies, entertainment and part-time employment needs. You work as a freelance bookkeeper for your aunt who owns a chain of dry cleaning stores. You can do this work at home or in your free time in school. One of your roommates just bought a $300 netbook however your other roommate just spent $2,800 on fully loaded desktop. After considering your budget you conclude that $1,900 is the absolute maximum that you can spend. You are somewhat technically savvy and have recently become interested in digital video production. You have a high definition digital video camera and like to post your masterpieces on Vimeo. You expect to have a large library of files. Unfortunately, you do not have enough cash for both a portable computer and a desktop. Prior to spending your limited monetary resources, you need to understand the pros and cons of going to a portable notebook solution as compared to a desktop arrangement. This means you need to research the two systems, create and profile the two systems and then review them to see what best suits your needs. Directions:
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This note was uploaded on 07/14/2010 for the course BUS 237 taught by Professor Kamalmasri during the Summer '08 term at Simon Fraser.

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As1_102 - Simon Fraser University Faculty of Business Administration BUS 237 Assignment#1 MS Word Excel Selection of a Computer System Due Check

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