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Lecture Oct. 26 - Robbing the Cradle of Civilization

Lecture Oct. 26 - Robbing the Cradle of Civilization - •...

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10/28/2009 1 Robbing the Cradle of Civilization CBC documentary on 2003 looting of antiquities from museums and archaeological sites in Iraq written, produced, and directed by Robin Benger first aired Oct., 2003 Update in the final tally, about 15,000 of a total of 170,000 catalogued items were stolen, including about 5000 cylinder seals of these, just under half have been recovered the National Museum remains closed to the public and has only been opened on a few occasions since 2003, mostly for planned photo ops no foreign military forces were actively involved in the looting of the museum or any archaeological sites in Iraq, although looted antiquities were found being sold by locals on US military bases
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10/28/2009 2 Cast of Characters/Stakeholders 1. Coalition Forces (US and Iraqi)
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Unformatted text preview: • officers (Gen. Tommy Franks, Marine Col. Matthew Bogdanos, Col. J.J. Pomfret) • enlisted soldiers 2. Governments (Iraq, US, Israel, Switzerland, UK, others) • politicians, police, customs officers, diplomats 3. Museum Staff (Iraqi and foreign) • Donny George (Baghdad Museum), Bennett Bronson (Chicago Field Museum), British Museum, The Met, ROM 4. Academics/Archaeologists • McGuire Gibson (U. Chicago), Gwendolyn Leick (Chelsea College, UK) 5. Looters/Professional Thieves 6. Dealers/Market Sellers (local and foreign) • Mohammed Hossain (local dealer), Jerome Eisenberg (Royal Athena Gallery, NY) 7. Private Collectors • Elie Borowski, George Ortiz 8. The Media • Robin Benger (filmmaker), various outlets 9. The People (Iraqi, American, etc.)...
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