3-05 - 3-5. Mono Lake is located at about 6,000 ft. above...

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3-5. Mono Lake is located at about 6,000 ft. above sea level on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountains, and a simple model of the lake is given in Figure 3.5a. The environment is that of a high, cold desert during the Winter, a thirsty well during the Spring runoff, and an cornucopia of organic and avian life during the Summer. Mono Lake is an important resting place for a variety of birds traveling the flyway between Canada and Mexico and was once the nesting place of one-fourth of the world’s population of the California gull. Figure 3.5a . Assumed Mono Lake profile The decline of Mono Lake began in 1941 when Los Angeles diverted the water from four of the five creeks flowing into the lake and sent 56,000 acre-feet per year into the Owens River and on to the Los Angeles aqueduct. By coincidence, the surface area of the lake in 1941 was 56,000 acres. The fall of Mono Lake was apparently * secured in 1970 with the completion of a second barrel of the already-existing Los Angeles aqueduct from the southern Owens Valley. This allowed for a 50% increase in the flow, and most of this water was supplied by increased diversions from the Mono Basin. To be definitive, assume that the export of water from the Mono Basin was increased to 110,000 acre-feet per year in 1970. Given the conversion factor 3 1 acre-foot 43,560 ft = one finds that 93 4.79 10 ft × of water are being removed from the Mono Basin each year. In 1970 the surface area of the lake was 62 185 10 m × and the maximum depth was measured as 50 m. If the lake is assumed to be circular with the configuration illustrated in Figure 3.5a we can deduce that the angle θ is given by o 0.373 θ= . In this problem you are asked to determine the final or steady-state condition of the lake, taking into account the flow of water to Los Angeles. The control volume to be used in this analysis is illustrated in Figure 3.5b.
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3-05 - 3-5. Mono Lake is located at about 6,000 ft. above...

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