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Qj#10 Thomas Ryan “Something that was beyond the scope of an instant” Although this is a very short excerpt it does define what the story of The Birthmark is about. Her husband was able to remove her birthmark so that he was now pleased with her appearance but the cost was her life. No one else had a problem with the way she looked, many found it as an attractive trait but the jealousy of her husband killed her. He did not like other men longing for her so his plan was to make her somewhat less appealing to others and the perfect her in his eyes. His experiment was effective because it removed this mark from her face but it took
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Unformatted text preview: with it the life from her body. Georgiana was an incredibly good looking girl and this birthmark did little to skew her good looks but in her husband Aylmer’s eyes she was flawed and being a man of science it was his idea to fix her. One view of the moral behind this story is that there is no way for one to be perfect except for in death. Other views, including my own, see this as there is no such thing as a perfect human being and trying to perfect yourself to be appealing to everyone is impossible....
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