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Ann Bradstreet - comforts that we should worry about but...

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Ann Bradstreet Thomas Ryan “for From one father we are not thou by old Adam wast begot but my arise is from above whence my dear father I do love.” The purpose of this quote is to show the difference between two different types of people, those who strive for earthly rewards and those who strive for spiritual ones. When Ann Bradstreet came to America from England she was not part of the puritan church until years later when her and her husband moved to Boston. She came from a rather wealthy family and she also married into money so she had a large background in education. The theme of God having his own plan for us is present in all of these works as well as the fact that everything is a gift from God. The greater meaning to her is that everything on earth is God’s and it is not the earthly
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Unformatted text preview: comforts that we should worry about but more how comfortable we are with our spirit so that we may enter heaven. Every one of her works is also written in elevated language and this goes to show that she is educated in the art of writing. “To my dear children” definitely stands out to be the most religious, probably due to the fact that she was on her death bed. This also gives the reader insight to what her life was like because she told her children of some of the reasons why it is that she became so religious, such as when she mentioned having small pox. The fact that she was such a prominent writher in this time period is very impressive because during this time there were few women in writing and even fewer that were as successful as she was....
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Ann Bradstreet - comforts that we should worry about but...

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