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Dalton Saddler qj 1

Dalton Saddler qj 1 - his account It shows that de Vaca...

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Dalton Saddler 9/4/08 ENGL 4251 QJ #1 “since no expedition of as many as have gone to those lands ever saw itself in such grave dangers or had such a wretched and disastrous end as that which God permitted us to suffer on account of our sins” (de Vaca, 159). Cabeza de Vaca’s faith seems extraordinarily strong when compared to that of the typical modern American Christian. Roman Catholicism was of course much more than a religion sixteenth century, but this man also leads with such faith and loyalty to Spain and God that it sets him apart from even his Governor. His prologue, in which he explains his reasoning for writing his account, shows that he had the capabilities to not only withstand nine years of enslavement and desperation, but to keep his sanity and belief intact as well. This quote is written in a matter-of-fact manner, it the midst of a very brief prologue to
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Unformatted text preview: his account. It shows that de Vaca sees his tremendous misfortune simply as a punishment for his sins and readily accepts them and remains accountable to God while almost never doubting his purpose and faith, even when enslaved by seemingly giant natives. Even though this text has been both hailed and criticized by historians in regards to its historical and geographical accuracy, it undoubtedly shows how big a part faith plays in the psyche of a lost and would-be hopeless explorer of the uncharted Americas. Throughout the account de Vaca repeatedly emphasizes that the sole purpose of his suffering is to serve the King, and his source of strength is God alone. Even if this work is somewhat erroneous in its botanical information, it is nevertheless an amazing example of a man’s undaunted will to survive and fulfill his service to mankind and God....
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