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Stereotypes play a large role in the Tales of Huckleberry Finn whether it is involving Jim or the duke and the dauphin. People from all walks of life can be deceitful and it does ethnicity or religion does not matter. This book is filled with con artists as well as people who are able to do the right thing but choose not to so that they can advance their own situation in life. The Grangerfords are another example of a stereotype because it is a wealthy family that has a feud with another family over almost nothing. This can be drawn to Romeo and Juliet because this small piece of the book plays out the same way as that story. The stereotype of a drunk is shown multiple times including Huck’s dad. Another time is when the man shoots the out of control drunk in the town and then hold himself up on the top of his house with a rifle when the town
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Unformatted text preview: comes to lynch him. Mark Twain takes the stereotypes to the extreme when he talks about the duke and the dauphin. These are both titles of high society and he has them robbing and swindling people out of their money. He did this most likely to point fun at the idea of a monarchy or a classes system because it shows that they are not different robbing and stealing as Jim or Huck is when they con people out of money or possessions. Mark Twain is poking fun at the idea of stereotyping and showing the reader how ridiculous some of the views that people held back in the 1840’s were. Back in this time period life in America was very different from when this book was written and it is showing how far America had come in his life time as well as how some of the stereotypes of royalty or lower class had changed....
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