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Thomas Ryan New Spain pg 131-134 In proscribing native ceremonies and dances, in suppressing and destroying ceremonial objects, especially those associated with kachina practices, in publically punishing native priests and medicine men, the reverend fathers and their military assistants merely pushed Native Americans underground in their efforts to retain native ways and ultimately initiated the backlash that resulted in the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. This excerpt from the text New Spain shows the authors ability in a way due to the fact that he is able to fit the lives of a civilization into one thought. The writing New Spain digs deeply into what the living situation was for the Native Americans that lived during the time period of Columbus. They were oppressed by the settlers and the bad part is that they believed that they were just doing what they thought they had to do, judging by “Requerimiento”. God is
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Unformatted text preview: mentioned many times and in this section of the book they use god to convince themselves that they are doing the right thing and in a way they are using god as that reassuring factor that what they are doing is right. The conquistadors game to the Americas and stripped the natives of their culture and there is no reason why the natives should not have revolted. Europeans were murdering members of their tribe and due to the encomienda they were also made to pay tribute to the local conquistadors. They took over land that was held by a society that did not have the technology to defend themselves. The revolt led by the natives showed the Europeans that they were not going to take them for everything that they had anymore....
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