Role playing report

Role playing report - accept the way that they are born I...

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Role playing report
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Dear John Locke, Oct 15, 1718 You most definitely do not know who I am but my name is Jonathan Edwards and I was stricken by your book “An Essay Concerning Human Understanding”. Although I am young I have had many thought concerning human nature and religion. This book was enticing because it helps lead me to believe that when we are born we have a clean slate and are only changed through experience and knowledge that we gain throughout our lives. This is a very interesting concept for me to understand due to the fact that my grandfather is Solomon Stoddard, The famed preacher, and in his preaching there is little room for a concept that does not agree with the bible. I have studied this concept for a few years know and whether or not a child is born good or evil is not mentioned in the bible so I have no problem contemplating it because it will not be considered a sin. I have been at Yale now for two years and I believe that your concept of a blank slate is very profound because it allows one to choose their destiny rather than just to
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Unformatted text preview: accept the way that they are born. I am a very religious man and I think that theology is a concept that must be studied much more closely than it currently is being studied in today’s world. Looking at the world in this way is much more comforting to me than some other may have led me to believe because the fact that I am able to choose my destiny will push me to become better. I think that at this point in time if I were to believe that people were inherently evil there would be no reason for me to rise in the morning . Best Wishes, Jonathan Edwards Dear George whitefield July 21 1750-great awakening-preaching style -moderate calvanist-envolvement in England-influence on one another-religious concepts-purpose George Whitefield-English preacher/adapted his preaching style with fire and brimstone Solomon Stoddard-strict grandfather/hellfire type of speaker/...
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Role playing report - accept the way that they are born I...

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