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Thomas Ryan The following letters involve the life and teachings of Jonathan Edwards as a student as well as once he became a Reverend. During Jonathan Edwards’s life he saw a large change in the world. America was establishing itself as a land full of people who were unwilling to be persecuted for their beliefs. In his younger years Jonathan Edwards was worried that one may be born inherently evil or good but after he read “An Essay Concerning Human Understanding” he was convinced that people were born with a clean slate 1 . The letter written to John Locke is supposed to have been written while he was in college and he was writing him to discuss the book and to try and further develop his ideas about theology. The purpose of this was to show how Edwards had evolved in his social and religious views throughout his life. One of the other influences in his life was George Whitefield. He was partially the reason that Edwards began to speak in a fire and brimstone like manner. The letters help to show the change that Jonathan Edwards went through in his life and they also show some of the changes that America went through while Edwards was alive. When he was older he became more accustomed to the idea that people were either good or bad because of his religious studies. Once the colonies began to develop people started to be less involved in the spiritual enlightenment and they started to become more wrapped up in the material possessions. In seeing this Jonathan Edwards’ grandfather began the half way covenant so that he could still have many members of his congregation but they would not be as involved in the church as people once were. Jonathan Edwards believed that this was a bad motion on his 1 Heath Anthology of American Literature Volume B 6e     . Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1984.  
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Role_playing_report[1] - Role playing report Thomas Ryan...

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