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roleplayreport - II Written Component(50-individual...

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II. Written Component (50%) --individual grade (should not be done in conjunction with your partner) Using the same author, take on that writer's character and personality and create three letters that he/she might have sent in his/her lifetime. You will need to research your author in order to get a sense of what literary, political, philosophical, or religious beliefs motivate him/her, and you will need to find out with whom the author would have been logically corresponding. Requirements: 1. Three letters (typed and double-spaced, at least one page in length)--these letters should be written to three different people with whom the author would logically correspond). 2. One cover page (typed and double-spaced, at least one page in length)--this should introduce your letters by explaining why your author has written these (imaginary) letters and how what he/she writes relates to the important religious, political, literary, philosophical views that he/she holds. Warning:
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