The History of New Mexico

The History of New Mexico - They do what they can to...

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Thomas Ryan The History of New Mexico Our hope given up entirely lost, Were almost all wishing for death. But the great Providence, pitying, which is always more quick in helping us as more firmly trust in it, This is a key part of the text because this shows the reader the amount of struggle that the original conquistadores. Endured when they came over and the thing that kept them going was their belief in god and there will to find the treasures in this new land. The rest of the text is very descriptive about locations and certain practices that they would partake in on their journey.
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Unformatted text preview: They do what they can to conquer without blood but some groups of people are relentless. In this case they will take them by force till they are subdued. Their goal was to spread the word of god and take prizes back to their home countries. This text shows the Spanish fulfilling these goals as well as providing great imagery while doing so. The History of New Mexico follows a group of men on a journey to discover the new world and throughout this trip they encounter people of different walks of life then themselves....
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