The Law of Life

The Law of Life - and did not listen to the advice that the...

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“The Law of Life” and “To Build a Fire” by Jack London are Man vs. Nature themed conflicts. In each the men who are the main characters are coming to the realization that nature is an unstoppable force that does not care about anyone. Nature is a force and not something that can be changed it can only be coped with. Koskoosh in “The Law of Life” knows about the dangerous conditions out in the wilderness and the story is telling the reader about how he was separated from the tribe and now he is out to fend for himself. In the cold conditions he realizes that death is inevitable. This realization that he has come to opens his eyes to the idea of the endless circle of life. Nature and time is an unstoppable force that he now knows is coming for him. The tribe is going to let him die peacefully because he is no longer useful so he is now just another person who has experienced the full circle of life. In “To Build a Fire” the main character is not aware that he is about to die. He is naïve
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Unformatted text preview: and did not listen to the advice that the native gave him about traveling alone. Mother Nature takes his life somewhat rightfully because he greatly underestimated her power. He is so bold to go out and try to weather the bad temperatures but in the end he is too weak to kill a helpless dog for warmth. In the end after he dies the dog is somewhat an example of the force of nature. A dog makes actions from instinct not from conscious decisions. So once he realizes that his master is no longer able to provide for him he leaves his body to go and find someone that will. In each situation there are two men that eventually need to face their death my nature either due to ignorance or old age but either way they both did not make it. By having both of the men in this story it shows the power of our environment. Death and taxes are supposedly the only two inevitable things but nature definitely deserves a spot on that list because it is an unstoppable force....
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The Law of Life - and did not listen to the advice that the...

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