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Crime Causation Geographical Comparison By: Date: 1
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The two theories on the causation of crime that I chose to compare and contrast are the trait theory and the learning theory. The reason why I chose these two is that they contrast one another the most. The trait theory states that there are certain characteristics that a person has that lead that person to become involved with criminal activity. The traits are biological or genetic. High testosterone levels are a trait that theorists link to high crime levels. Another factor that is linked to this theory is low IQ levels. According to trait theorists’ low IQ levels equals high crime levels. On the other hand, the learning theory suggests that delinquents and criminals are taught both the practical and the emotional skills necessary to partake in illegal activity. Edwin Sutherland in the 1940s saw crime as learned behavior. He and the theory imply that the [“teacher” is usually a family member or friend, who exposes the “student” to criminal behavior.] This theory is also known as the
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Crime_Causation_Geographical_Comparison - 1 Crime Causation...

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