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# This program converts cups to fluid ounces. # def main(): # display the intro screen. intro() # Get the number of cups. cups_needed = input('Enter the number of cups: ') # Convert the cups to ounces. cups_to_ounces(cups_needed) # The intro function displays an introductory screen. def intro(): print 'This program converts measurements' print 'in cups to fluid ounces. For your'
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Unformatted text preview: print 'reference the formula is:' print ' 1 cup = 8 fluid ounces' print # The cups_to_ounces function accepts a number of # cups and displays the equivalent number of ounces. def cups_to_ounces(cups): ounces = cups * 8 print 'That converts to', ounces, 'ounces.' # Call the main function. main()...
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