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1 The University of Western Ontario History 1803E-001 Introduction to the History of Business and Commerce 2009-2010 Professor T. Gogan Office: Room 4420, Social Science Centre Office Telephone: (519) 661-2111 ext. 80035 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesday 2:00-5:00pm, or by appointment Lectures: Tuesday & Thursday 12:30-1:20pm in Western Science Centre 55 Tutorials: 50 minutes weekly at your assigned time & location Prior to 2008-2009, this course was numbered History 030E. Students cannot obtain credit for both 030E and 1803E since these are the same course. Course Description History 1803E examines the development of business and commerce in a global setting from the twelfth century to the near present. We will study a broad range of subjects, including the nature of trade, development of markets, evolution of business organizations and practices, transformation of business as a profession, trade as a form of cultural knowledge and contact, philosophical underpinnings of various trade policies, impact of business on international relations, critics of international business and trade, and state regulation of business. Important themes running throughout the course include the process of globalization, the rise of powerful economic centres, and the development of capitalism. The organization of the course blends chronological and thematic approaches. Besides providing information on the history of business and commerce, this course provides an introduction to the discipline of history. As such you will gain an understanding of how to analyse primary and secondary sources, become familiar with the library and electronic resources, and learn how to research and write an academic paper. Every week the course comprises two lecture classes and one tutorial class. You must register for both the course as well as the tutorial session that fits your schedule. Tutorials are an integral part of the course. They provide the opportunity to discuss and analyse assigned readings. They also provide instructions and helpful tips for researching and writing assignments as well as studying for examinations. These tutorials complement the lecture material provided in the course; they do not replace lectures or vice versa. Your attendance and participation in tutorials comprise 10% of your final mark.
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2 Mark Breakdown from a Total of 100% Tutorials 10% Primary Source Analysis 15% (Due Nov. 12th) December Exam 25% (TBA) Research Proposal 5% (Due Week of Feb. 1st) Research Essay 15% (Due Mar. 11th) April Exam 30% (TBA) Required Books to Purchase (available at > The Book Store at Western = in the UCC) Jules R. Benjamin, A Student = s Guide to History , 10 th Edition. Thomas K. McCraw, ed.,
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Syllabus - The University of Western Ontario History...

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