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Unformatted text preview: Possible Exam 1 Questions Chapter 1: 3. The scribes of ancient Egypt were the forerunners of today's accountants. a. True b. False 13. Arthur Andersen created a CPA firm that eventually disappeared. a. True b. False 21. Forensic‐type fieldwork refers to an attitudinal shift in an auditor's degree of skepticism. a. True b. False 22. Consulting standards may apply to a forensic accountant. a. True b. False 23. Peremptory refers to the fact that a forensic accountant can be proactive. a. True b. False 24. A forensic audit is generally a sampling activity. a. True b. False 27. The smoking gun to convict Al Capone was a cash receipts journal with Capone's name on it. a. True b. False 29. Plagiarism is considered to be fraud. a. True b. False 30. A forensic accountant uses interviews and leveraging techniques designed to elicit sufficient information to prove or disapprove a hypothesis. a. True b. False Page 1 of 44 ...
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