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Unformatted text preview: a. Return on assets and price earnings. b. Return on assets and return on equity. c. Gross margins and return on equity. d. None of the above. 97. Laboratory analysis would not include: a. Checking for altered documents. b. Analyzing fingerprints. c. Checking for forged signatures. d. Checking vendors. e. All of the above. 98. Which is not considered to be public document review? a. Mirror imaging a computer. b. Checking for a criminal record. c. Checking vendors. d. An internet search for real estate records. e. None of the above. 100. What is not considered one of the three phases of fraud? a. The act itself. b. The concealment. c. Conversion of the stolen asset to personal use. d. Searching for the fraudster. e. None of the above. 101. Which is not a common opinion on the effectiveness of internal control over financial reporting? a. Neutral Opinion. b. Unqualified Opinion. c. Adverse Opinion. d. Disclaimer Opinion. e. None of the above. 102. Which statement is not true about a material weakness? a. It must be reported to the public. b. The likelihood that a company will misstate its annual report is remote (e.g., no more than 1 out of 20). c. A significant deficiency that results in a more than remote likelihood that a material misstatement of an annual report will not be prevented or detected. d. A strong indicator of a material weakness is an inadequate internal auditor risk assessment function. e. None of the above. 103. The most common account‐specific material weakness occurs in which account? Page 22 of 44 ...
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