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Possible Exam 1 - b Journal c Cash register receipts d Ledger e Either a or b 107 Payroll and employee reimbursement fraud schemes include all of

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Unformatted text preview: b. Journal. c. Cash register receipts. d. Ledger. e. Either a or b. 107. Payroll and employee reimbursement fraud schemes include all of the following except: a. Ghost employees. b. Embezzling withholding. c. Company credit card fraud. d. Unauthorized borrowing. e. None of the above. 108. Misappropriation of inventory may be detected by one of the following: a. Analyzing the year‐end bank reconciliation for outstanding checks. b. Calculating and analyzing the gross profit margin. c. Reconciling the accounts receivable subsidiary ledger to the general ledger. d. Increasing the integration of technology into the business process. e. None of the above. 109. ____________ requires keeping detailed records before and after the ____________ period to determine the amount of fraud. a. Tracing, entity. b. Invigilation, invigilation. c. Genogram, genogram. d. Entity, entity. e. Timeline, entity. 110. What information is not needed to perform a check spread? a. Date. b. Payee. c. Check number. d. Amount. e. All are needed. 111. A ____________ chart is a pictorial display of personal relationships among related or unrelated parties. a. Link. b. Invigilation. c. Entity. d. Genogram. e. None of the above. 112. A fraud investigation should not be commenced without proper ____________. Page 38 of 44 ...
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