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Possible Exam 1 Questions - Forensics nn 41 - d. Send a...

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Unformatted text preview: d. Send a money wire transfer to another country. e. None of the above. 14. To avoid detection by law enforcement authorities, money launderers will only send a maximum money transfer that is: a. $5,000 or less. b. $10,000 or less. c. $15,000 or less. d. $20,000 or less. e. None of the above. 15. Banks must file which of the following forms when they become aware of suspicious customer activity related to possible money laundering? a. Currency Transaction Report. b. Over‐Currency Report. c. International Transportation of Currency and Money Report. d. None of the above. 16. The difference between an off‐shore bank and a shell bank is that: a. The shell bank has a physical presence in the country in which it is licensed whereas the off‐shore bank does not. b. The off‐shore bank specifically cannot carry on business in the jurisdiction in which it is licensed whereas such restrictions do not specifically affect shell banks. c. Only shell banks use correspondent services. d. U.S. banks have more access to client account information in a shell bank than in an off‐shore bank. e. None of the above. 17. Which one of the following businesses would a money launderer most want to acquire? a. Travel agency. b. Broker. c. Series of newspaper/magazine stands. d. Gas station. e. None of the above. 18. Which one of the following is the easiest to falsify? a. Web logs. b. Paper documents. c. Wire transfer reports. d. Hard drive files. Page 41 of 44 ...
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